Milky Delight is a brand new product released under The Laughing Cow Cheese brand. In 2019, Brand Team were looking for clever ways of introducing Milky Delight Cheese on to the market, creating awareness for the brand and engaging its target- which were primarily kids in primary schools.


Our challenge was to drive trial and create a unique experience for the kids as a way of landing the objective of turning them into Milky Delight consumers and getting them to fall in love with the brand.



For the Schools activation, we carefully selected primary schools in the Greater Accra region to activate in. To drive engagement and add a bit of fun we deployed the Laughing Cow Mascot to entertain the kids, while Brand Ambassadors educated the kids about the Nutritional Benefits of Milky Delight. To create a lasting impression in the minds of the kids we sampled each kid with a slice of bread spread with Milky delight cheese and gave them a piece to take home.


We reached over 10,000 pupils, delivered a fun and engaging set of experiences and set the stage for the brand to penetrate the market with a sales activity.



In Q4 2019, Nestle introduced the Ideal Milk Mini SKU on to the Ghanaian market as a value SKU for mid to lower class consumers and to increase daily consumption of Ideal Milk. With Peak Milk having first mover advantage in this category, Nestle needed an engaging brand launch to help land their launch objectives.


Nestle looked up to us to help create awareness about Ideal Mini in a way which will resonate with not just Ideal Milk consumers but also consumers of competitor brands.



 We created "The Milky Way", a carefully curated a series of engagement activities for the launch of Ideal Milk Mini, engaging employees with a factory launch and deploying other experiential engagements in the trade. 

As part of our consumer sampling engagement, we partnered with popular Ghanaian breakfast providers and gave them free samples for each pack of breakfast, and this helped us to get consumers to assess the product first hand.


The event was well received across employees of various levels, as they all had beautiful experiences with the product. They had great starts to their day with the breakfast meals. 


No one stated the importance of leaving corporate formalities behind in the office better than American sportswriter, Grantland Rice when he noted that "Eighteen holes of golf will teach you more about your competitor than will eighteen years of dealing with him across a desk." MTN Ghana have taken this to heart and that has culminated in the MTN  Business Invitation Golf Series which has become a networking platform for Business Executives across the country.


For its year ending Invitational Golf Tournament, MTN Ghana wanted a well organized event with different sets of experiences to celebrate their high value customers and get them to look forward to the MTN Business 2020 golf calendar.



We crafted a concept—“4G and Golf”—that captured the benefits of a good round of golf; how even a good day on the greens can lighten one's mood and make for a good business day. We then brought the the concept to life through interactive golf games on golf courses around the world, a pampering hub to massage and freshen tired golfers and an expanded entertainment session to treat the golfers to some good music and grills into the wee hours of the night.


We recorded a high attendance from almost all the top golfers nationwide and got all of them to sample the MTN device and data offerings on display at the Celebrity Golf course.


The Milo Breakfast Day is an initiative by Milo to engage and educate communities about the importance of breakfast. The Milo Breakfast Day was a platform to educate mothers about healthy nutrition and to get their children to have healthy meals at breakfast to enable them pay attention in School.​


The role of the mother in the modern Ghanaian way of life has evolved from that of the regular woman who takes care of the home to a woman who has a vibrant career in addition to her home responsibilities. In light of this change, it is now common place to find children who do not eat breakfast at home before they go to school. Our challenge was to create a platform to educate mothers on the importance of breakfast and to demonstrate to mothers that Milo had all the essential nutrients for a healthy breakfast.



We created a roadshow styled activation through 5 Communities in Accra to highlight the insight that children perform better in school when they have a healthy breakfast. To land this message we used a Radio Personality to interact with mothers at the event while demonstrating with a short skit, the essence of a healthy breakfast for children. This activity also tied into Nestle's initiative against plastics with a pre event plastic collection campaign which resulted in more than a half ton of plastics collected for recycling.


This fun-filled event engaged more than 6,000 mothers and children, with further reach on social media. About 6,000 cups of Milo was sampled during the Milo Breakfast Day Activations.

-Every Smile Matters 

World Oral Health Day (WOHD), the largest global awareness campaign on oral health is organized by FDI World Dental Federation and celebrated annually on the 20th of March. 


This year’s theme; ‘Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health’ was the underpinning message at public talks, oral screenings, health walks, concerts and other community-targeted activities. 



In a nod to Unilever Ghana’s focus on wellness, a health-walk up the Ayi-Mensah hill got the World Oral Health Day celebration started. Unilever staff, family and friends took on the 4.3 Km hike to raise awareness on the importance of good oral health and good oral care practices. 


Modern Trade and In-bus activations were a precursor to the grand durbar (main event), smartly branded ambassadors were stationed at the Accra Mall and on intercity buses to educate the general public about oral health and good oral care practices. These activations were hugely successful, with a direct and positive impact on Pepsodent’s toothpaste sales.


The Grand Durbar, for school children was held at the Independence Square in Accra to climax the celebration. Invited schools impressed both their peers and invited guests with well-choreographed dance routines and choral performances to educate the masses on good oral health. 


In a bid to drive increased reach and deeper engagement, Pepsodent brand ambassadors and resource persons visited select schools with unique experiences such VR tours, live demonstrations and free dental screenings.


Close to 1 million school children were reached, over 5000 individuals reached through accompanying activations and more than 2M individuals reached using online news outlets such as GhanaWeb, Ghanaian Times and Adom Online. 




The Milo U-13 Champions League is a nationwide interschool football tournament for children aged 7-13. The tournament’s goal is to unearth and develop young footballing talent for future competitions, while driving the message of Nestle Milo being the energy drink for future champions.


Create an immersive football event experience for participants, communicated the details of the tournament to attendees and reaffirming Nestle’s commitment to developing youth football in Ghana.


The launch event’s ambience was all about football, the setup mimicked a stadium, the attention to detail was impressive; lawn, centerline, barricades, bleacher-styled seating, the works! Authentic cheer leading music (Jama)-provided by a professional cheer squad welcomed the invited guests as they arrived as well when they tried their hands at the various activity centers (target challenges, foosball and a VR game station).  

The trophy unveil was quite the spectacle; With dramatic music playing, Fireworks lit the darkening sky and confetti began raining. The suspense and anticipation was quite palpable as the automated box opened, slowly pushing the trophy up to loud applause and cheers. Young phenom, DJ switch brought the house down with a virtuoso performance on the turntables.


The tournament was launched with the hashtags #MiloU13 and #TeamMakesMe . Social reach achieved groissed over 1 million users across the major social media platforms within the first 24 hours.  Online media houses such as GhanaWeb, Pulse and ModernGhana covered the event, further adding to awareness and reach. 



MTN Ghana launched their latest 4G+ service dubbed MTN Turbonet. It is essentially a plug-n-play modem/router paired with a 4G sim card. Following the public launch, Exp Ghana was tasked with organizing an internal engagement session for MTN staff at the company HQ. 


We needed to design and execute an event experience that resonated with MTN staff from all walks of life without straying away from the core message of how the TurboNet service enhanced the digital lives of subscribers. 


Our strategy was to create an event experience which focused more on the employees of MTN, keeping the service placed without it being too obvious. We curated a variety of engagement activities which we were certain the MTN employees would love and participate in. 

The engagement session was held at the MTN HQ, and we immersed our guests in a winning experience right from the entrance; Upon entry, staff won branded souvenirs such as umbrellas, car chargers, watches etc., and they loved it! Everyone loves to win things!

Another hot spot was the immersive VR setup, a novel, hands-on experience for many. ‘MTNs Got Talent’ competition was a huge draw with some of the employees wowing the audience with their talent.


The event climaxed with the silent disco experience, with 3 DJs simultaneously providing trending songs, to which the staff danced and grooved to.


The experience was a resounding success amongst the staff of MTN Ghana. It showed a new way to have internal launch events, by celebrating the employees for their hard work in putting out the product. This guaranteed that everyone including the top management of MTN Ghana had an amazing time.


The Boxer X Champion Cup is a motocross tournament that is held across multiple regions in Ghana, where registered riders are required to race across a rugged track using the Boxer X 125 motorcycle to find the best Ogboo Rider in Ghana, whilst naturally also giving all of the participants a personal experience of the Boxer X 125 from Bajaj.

The project was executed in 2 parts:

  • Regional Events:

    • Two days preceding the event itself, pre-hype was conducted on the streets of the target town to announce the upcoming activity and register bikers to participate. 

    • Radio stations were also visited to increase publicity of the event.

  • National Finals

    • The top 6 riders from every town, dubbed the ‘Ogboo Riders’ were gathered for the final event in Nima to face off in heats, knockouts, semi-finals and final races. 

TV, Social Media, Radio, and online news platforms were employed to spread the word of the competition, reaching millions of Ghanaians. 

Close to 2,000 riders were registered and participated in the competition – getting a personal Brand Experience of the Boxer X 125 bike, with hundreds of spectators coming out to see their local heroes in action and importantly also being exposed to the value offering of the Bike.


The Milo U-13 Champions League competition is a nationwide inter-school football tournament for children aged 7-13 with the goal of unearthing and developing young footballing talent.

Exp Ghana managed the Launch event and all the logistics of the competition itself, which was done in 3 stages: The soccer clinic; Screening, and then the actual games. 

The soccer clinic was headed by brand icon and ex-Ghana skipper, Stephen ‘Tornado’ Appiah to run prospective players through training drills and take coaches of teams through a coaching training session in preparation for the competition. The screening was to check if the players selected were fit to play in the competition. 

Match centers were heavily branded with Milo paraphernalia in such a way that there were no way schoolchildren could attend without feeling that Milo had them in their sights as future champions. 

To ensure that no one was left out of the experience, there were other activities for spectators to also participate in, such as musical chairs and dancing competitions. The winners of these competitions received prizes from Milo and Milo sampling was also done.

More than 50 000 individuals attended, while social media reach of the tournament was over 18 million, scoring over 55 million impressions. 

More that 27 000 cups of Milo were sampled throughout the competition.


The Y’ello Soiree is an event created by MTN Ghana to provide an environment where the top leadership meets and their High Value Customers to celebrate the loyalty and dedication of their service. The event has run consecutively for 3 years, this is the first time it was held in Tamale, the capital city of Northern Region, and Exp Ghana was tasked to plan and execute it. 

Our challenge was to organize a plush soiree dinner which would be entertaining, providing an all-inclusive traditional experience while providing an atmosphere for direct and easy interaction between management of MTN Ghana and their valued customers. 

Keeping in line with MTN Ghana’s tagline, ’Everywhere You Go’, we brought this to life by bringing various iconic monuments from the different regions of Ghana. This ensured that various cultures of Ghana were represented as well as it communicating that MTN coverage is indeed, everywhere you go. 

The Event consisted of registration, Cocktails and Finger Foods with Live Music on arrival and an opportunity to take photos with overlays that depicted the experience of the event.

Speeches and networking were also a core component of the event with MTN leadership mingling and interacting with guests, acknowledging and thanking them for their continuous support for the MTN brand.

Online media coverage (Public Relations) resulted in the event being leveraged to more than 2 million individuals.


SallahFest is Ghana’s largest congregation of Muslims to celebrate the end of the holy Ramadan fasting period. The full day carnival in Nima draws audiences from across the entire nation in celebration of Eid. The event is organized by hip-life group and VVIP in conjunction with EXP Ghana and Chapter O. 

This year’s celebration had other facets to the celebration besides the usual event day, consisting of:

The Quran Quiz & Recital Competition

Kabbatul-Haddra, Ainnul-Shams, Sayyidul-Wasiyeen and Irshaad Islamic Schools competed in this event. They were quizzed on general knowledge from the Quran and scripture recitals. In a keenly contested competition, Ainnul-Shams Islamic School Irshaad Islamic School made it to the final stage.

The Feast 

On the morning of Eid, the highway street (which runs through Nima) was cordoned off to observe the final prayers of Ramadan. Muslims were dressed up in their finest of garments as they came together to thank Allah for taking them through the spiritual period of fasting. 

Right after the prayers, tables were set up to hold a mega-feast for the people of Nima, feeding up to 10,000 Muslims in the community.

The Chief’s Parade

Later in the afternoon, chiefs from the different Nima communities were dressed in full traditional regalia and they paraded through the main highway street - large crowds observing, cheering and singing songs of praise as the procession unfolded.

The Concert

The climax of the day’s event was the concert held that same evening with local acts from Nima Madina and New Town, together with Ghana Dancehall Artist of the Year, Stonebwoy, Hip-hop Song of the Year award winner Kwesi Arthur, PM and Rudebwoy Rankingentertaining more than 30,000 attendees.


The event was amplified on social media, causing it to trend on Twitter, and allow interested persons who could not attend to follow the activities throughout the day.


Online platforms ensured a reach of over 750 000 people of Exp Ghana's Live+ experience.

Thanks to all our sponsors - MTN Ghana, Fortune Rice, Frytol Oil, Kasapreko Royal Drinks and Indomie – the official noodle sponsor.


The Guinness World Record for the Longest Table has been broken by Onga, at an event organised by Exp Ghana, in Accra, to climax the brand’s 5th anniversary celebrations.

The new record measuring 1,928m, obliterates the previous mark of 1,508m set in Saudi Arabia in 2015. The table, which was specially designed and built for the record attempt, then seated over 3,000 guests for sumptuous local dishes at an event topped off with exciting entertainment by Ghana’s evergreen highlife maestro Abrantie Amakye Dede.

The event was organised by Promasidor Ghana, manufacturers of Onga (a market leader in food seasoning), and syndicated by Exp Ghana.


As part of its mission to make people look good, feel good and get the best out of life, Unilever partnered with Ghana Dental Association, Ghana Health Service, and Ghana Education Service to commemorate World Oral Health Day under the theme “Live Mouth Smart”. The key message was ‘Brush your teeth twice daily; morning and in the evening before you go to bed’. The brief was to create an exciting engagement for school children to commemorate the World Oral Health Day on the 20th of March, 2017.


EXP organized the WOHD event on the 20th March, where management and staff of Unilever were joined by members of the Ghana Dental Association, representatives of from Ministry of Health, Traditional Rulers and over 2000 school children at the Car park of the Ghana International Trade Fair Center.


The main highlight of the event was the official launch of the ‘Little Brush, Big Brush Campaign’ which was unveiled with a mass tooth-brushing exercise (every child was given a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush their teeth). Afterwards, the pupils and teachers were given free dental screening and samples of Pepsodent toothpaste and Pepsodent Smart Clean Toothbrush.


Unilever, in partnership with Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WASUP), briefed EXP to take a behavioral change campaign to 350 basic schools in Greater Accra, Ashanti, Eastern and Central regions, with the objectives of raising awareness on the importance of (1) washing hands at 5 critical times and (2) brushing their teeth twice a day.


We engaged school children in classes 1 to 6 with a 21day behavioral change challenge where participants were given products to sample and a diary to record their handwashing and teeth brushing habits. The participants who consistently recorded the desired handwashing (at least 5 times a day before meals and after using the bathroom) and teeth brushing (twice a day – morning and evening) habits were rewarded and celebrated.


In all, 358 schools were activated and more than 255,000 school children and more than 1,700 parents were reached

NESCAFE 3-in-1 Trade Enhancement


The Nescafe 3-in-1 Trade Enhancement was designed to address the lapses in product distribution to outlets in Accra and open distribution opportunities in other territories, which were not covered by Nestle’s secondary sales force.


EXP was tasked to recruit and manage a team of 45 salesmen to sell products in Greater Accra, Ashanti, Eastern and Volta regions.


Results: More than 10,000 pouches were sold by the end of the first phase of the project. 

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